Due to the Coranvirus, we wanted to be sure you knew that we have encouraged all our salon professionals to take this virus as serious as possible for yours and our safety. Salon Meyerland has taken the following steps:

1. Addressed proper sanitization of all tools, furniture and work stations between clients with a disinfectant approved by the CDC.  Approved Cleaners:

2. Management has increased the amount of cleaning restrooms and put disinfectant in every stall.

3. Coffee bar has been removed, so drink your caffien before you come.

4.  All seating in the hallways have been removed.

5. Salon Management has requested all salon professionals to space out the amount of time between appointments to avoid overlapping of clients as much as possible and to give extra time for sanitizing between them.

6. Salon Management will ask anyone that appears to be ill to vacate the premises immediately.  Thermometers at front desk are available for stylist to use.

7. We encourage anyone that is sick to please stay home until you are well.

Please follow the CDC, local city, state and human resources websites on social media for accurate information for your local area.


Salon Meyerland


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