Salon des Chanel

Inside Salon Meyerland

Chanel Jerrols-Myles

10350 South Post Oak , Suite 404 , Houston TX 77035

Text or Call: 713-535-0654
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Chanel Myles has always had a love for anything that has to do with fashion. Dabbling with make-up and wardrobe, naturally her eye for beauty and creative expression made her an immediate success in the hair world. Chanel started her career at the early age of 14 latter receiving training from the renowned Paul Mitchell Systems in Houston, Texas. Succeeding her education Chanel opened her own salon, Salon des Chanel, in 2012. Mrs. Myles enjoys working with all her hair lenghths, textures, and hair extensions and believes they should be tailored for each client without compromising the integrity of the hair. Come induldge the very relaxed vintage style setting of Salon des Chanel and achieve that unique look that you will absolutely LOVE!