About Us


Salon Meyerland has 74 of the best beauty professionals all operating in individualized private suites under one roof. These stylists, barbers, manicurists, waxing specialists, estheticians and massage therapists all set their own hours, prices, and make their own appointments so you can be assured you will be in direct connection with your salon professional. Private suites allows them to set their own style in their suites by having the ability to decorate to their liking and even play their own music which sets their own mood.



We offer an array of services from our stylists, barbers, manicurists, estheticians and waxing specialists and all of these offerings can be found on our services menu. Although we are well known in Houston to have the best healthy black hair care specialists in Houston, we are absolutely not limited to it. We have a fantastic group of stylists that are very diverse in working with all types of hair. To help us better select a professional to fit your needs, you will find that our search tool will take many factors such as age, ethnicity, curl pattern and even current chemicals into account to help narrow down your choices.



Only the most professional beauty professionals are allowed to lease a private suite from Salon Meyerland. It is because of this standard that Salon Meyerland was recently voted the "Best Salon in Houston" on Cityvoter.com. In addition, the Houston Chronicle recently awarded our salon a Top Workplace in Houston in the small business category.  The owner of the salon encourages each and every one of the professionals to set the bar higher than everyone else in the industry. Many of our stylists have decades of experience and many continue their education through seminars, hair shows, etc. All of our professionals offer a complimentary consultation so you can have a conversation and feel comfortable with the professional you choose.



The salon professionals at our salon have 24 hour access to our building which allows them to have very flexible hours that not all salons always offer. We have some professionals working as early as 5:30 a.m. and even as late as midnight. Most will work around your schedule since they have access to the building at all times.



The name Salon Meyerland formerly known as Salon Park was given to our salon because it is in the convenient Meyerland area of Houston, Texas. Meyerland is well known in Houston as a prestigious and beautiful neighborhood as it was the first neighborhood in Houston with deed restrictions and those restrictions are still strong today.



We are in a large shopping center in a convenient area of Houston. This center is wedged between 610, Beltway, and 90/Main which are all major thoroughfares within the city of Houston. Our location makes getting to our salon very convenient whether you are coming from Pearland, the Galleria, the Medical Center or even the Missouri City / Sugarland areas. There are convenient shopping and food establishments that are all safe walking distance in and around our center that do not require you to even leave the parking lot.



Bonner, the owner and operator of the salon, has been in the salon industry for over 30 years and it is this experience that gives him the knowledge of what clients want. He believes that it is a professional and clean environment you want and that is what you will find at Salon Meyerland. Bonner is onsite most days to make sure things go smoothly for the salon professionals and more importantly for you, the clients.